Nikia Jefferson

Chitown FashionistaNikia Jefferson is the woman behind the fashion blog ChiTown Fashionista and has always had an affinity for shoes and shopping, in general. Spending several months living and working in London – which enabled her to frequent the local markets and travel to Italy and France – heightened her love for fashion. During this time, she was introduced to several local designers and realized they needed a platform to gain exposure. Upon her return to Chicago, Nikia created ChiTown Fashionista.

In addition to addressing fashion trends and her latest obsessions, Nikia promotes the remarkable, yet underexposed, local shops and designers she encounters in Chicago and beyond.  Deemed as ‘the enabler of fashion consumption’, Nikia works to captivate the hearts of fellow shopaholics by featuring discounted designer items and the unique treasures found during her shopping adventures and trips to the local markets.  These features make ChiTown Fashionista the central online destination for Chicago residents and visitors who seek to combine their love of fashion with a desire to experience and embrace local talent and one of a kind designs.

6 Responses to Nikia Jefferson

  1. Nikia Jefferson is an amazing woman that owns her style. Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau couldn’t have chosen a more perfect person for this blog (job). She is the super star asset to a great city and I am looking forwarding down this yellow brick road.

  2. Damita Cravens says:

    Congrats ChiTown Fashionista!

  3. ladyfunk67 says:

    Congratulation my darling ChiTown Fashionista! No one could do this better than you, Chicago is a very lucky town!

  4. Roxanne says:

    Excellent choice!!! I was not a reader or even aware of the Chicago Local website, but I will definitely be visiting again to checkout the latest tips from Nikia!!! Congrats ChiTown Fashionista!!

  5. Nikia says:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! I will do my best to keep you informed of the best in Chicago shopping.

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