Kara Carmichael

Kara Carmichael is a staff member at Choose Chicago. A lover of travel and all things Chicago, she spends her free time exploring the city. She considers herself a public transit pro and rarely travels without a book. The skyline, particularly from Lake Shore Drive or from an airplane descending into O’Hare Airport, still gives her goose bumps. Kara’s favorite days in Chicago begin unplanned and end in delightful discoveries whether it be a new restaurant, a new exhibit, or a new pair of shoes.

A social butterfly with her eye out for the modern day Mr. Darcy, Kara lives in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.

3 Responses to Kara Carmichael

  1. Bill Kuenzi says:

    Kara –

    My wife and I are interested in an making a 1or 2 day trip to Chicago – next week. Monday & Tuesday (10/10 & 10/11) would be the days. We are over 60 and interested in seeing a play or ??. Walking, driving, tours, etc.

    What can you recommend?

    Thank you
    Bill Kuenzi

    • Hi Bill! Thank you for reaching out. I just saw Red at the Goodman Theatre and loved it. It’s a Tony-Award winning production about the artist Mark Rothko and just extended its tour until the end of October. The actors were absolutely brilliant!

      If you’re in the mood for a musical, I would highly recommend Million Dollar Quartet. It’s not playing on Monday and Tuesday, but maybe you can catch the 2 p.m. matinee on Wednesday (10/12). It’s worth every penny! You can also check out Hot Tix for some last minute deals. I occassionally see Late Nite Catechism on the list, and I’ve heard that’s a hilarious show, particularly if you grew up in the Catholic school system.

      As far as tours go, take a look at Chicago Detours and the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

      And if you’re staying downtown, I just found out about Bistronomic‘s late-night (9pm) menu for $15 (Black Mussels entree, Homemade French Fries and a Stella Artois)!

      Have a wonderful time!


  2. We are launching the official, straight from Paris Diner en Blanc in Chicago 8/24. Based on your love of fois gras, we thought you may be interested in spreading the word, volunteering, participating or something! Hope to hear from you!!

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