Olympic Kick-Off: 2012 is GREAT Britain

An invitation to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics at the home of the UK Consul General Robert Chatterton Dickson and his wife Teresa Albor was quite possibly the most exciting invitation to ever cross my desk. In that moment I thought two things: I’m honored. And there are TWO DEGREES of separation between me and Her Majesty, The Queen.

As a lifelong Anglophile, this is a momentous occasion. One that can only be celebrated properly with a Pimm’s Cup. So there I stood…Pimm’s in hand…61 floors up…looking out at arguably one of the most stunning skylines with the Opening Ceremonies streaming live on the telly.

Goose pimples. Yes, goose pimples. That’s British for goose bumps.

There is truly something magical about the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games. A room buzzing with conversation was brought to complete silence as a children’s choir gave a heartfelt performance of “God Save the Queen.” Whether it’s national pride, hope for a more unified world or simply just love of the game, the Olympics give us each something to root for.

So here’s to Team USA!

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