Sensing Chicago at the Chicago History Museum

The Chicago History Museum was founded way back in 1856, with the goal of providing a place to study and interpret Chicago history. I’m a lifelong Chicagoan, but I still learn something new every time I visit this gem of a museum, thanks to engaging exhibits and knowledgeable staff and volunteers.

While parents will appreciate the current exhibitions on Lincoln’s Chicago and Unexpected Chicago, there is a wonderful ongoing, must-see exhibition that will take Chicago history down to a kid’s level: Sensing Chicago.

My children adore Sensing Chicago. And what kid wouldn’t want to try riding a high-wheel bicycle down a wood-paved street, catch a fly ball at Comiskey Park, and actually become a Chicago-style hot dog (a great photo op!)!? Be sure to check out the Chicago smell map, and before you go, create an over-sized postcard of your favorite Chicago sights email to a friend!

Also of interest to families, the Chicago  History Museum has paired with the Radio Disney Road Crew to offer a special history-themed day of fun, the second Saturday of each month. You’ll be able to explore the Great Chicago Fire, the city’s landmarks, and Blues music with fun, hands-on activities and music. Be sure to tour the museum using the special kid’s activity guide, available upon request. This extra dose of musical fun is free with admission.

The Chicago History Museum is located at 1601 North Clark Street (Clark and North Avenue). Check out  for upcoming family events, tours, and more.

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