Lay Low at Buck’s

There’s nothing glamorous about this Boystown watering hole. Welcome to Buck’s, a no-frills hangout situated in the heart of the North Halsted strip. I discovered it a few years back with a friend of mine. Not feeling like being packed like a sardine in some of the other bars, we were drawn to Buck’s because it was lively, but not over the top.

Realizing it was a locals bar, full of regulars, I never had the feeling of being a stranger. The clientele was warm, friendly, and not afraid to strike up a conversation with the lone gal in a sea of men.

As spring approaches, take advantage of their back patio. But be careful, an awkwardly placed dart board crosses paths with the door leading outside. Buck’s sponsors softball teams, so it’s not uncommon for the sun soaked boys to hunker down after a long day on the field.

Buck’s is located at 3439 N. Halsted in the Boystown neighborhood between Newport and Cornelia.

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