Chicago Architecture for Kids: CAFamily Studio Sundays

Looking to learn more about Chicago Architecture? Some of the first modern skyscrapers were born in our city, and our stunning skyline reflects Chicago’s originality, beauty and innovation in the field of architecture.

Explore the wonders of Chicago-style architecture the third Sunday of every month at the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s CAFamily Studio Sundays. You’ll enjoy hands-on activities, walking tours, stories and more, all geared towards families with kids ages 3-12. Admission is free!

Also, if you have a high-school-aged child, visit the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s (CAF) newly-launched, a unique web-based learning tool that gives high school students the opportunity to solve real-world design problems through project-based learning.

CAFamily Studio Sundays
3rd Sunday of every month, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
224 S. Michigan Ave.
Tel. 312/922.3432

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1 Response to Chicago Architecture for Kids: CAFamily Studio Sundays

  1. Wallene Blizzard says:

    This is awesome! My 7 year old little girl is very interested in Architecture ever since I told her about the Chicago Fire. We will definitely do this tour and family activities! Thank you for pointing this out!

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