The Bulls Are Coming To Chicago! (No, Not Basketball)

In early February, Derrick Rose and company won’t be the only Bulls performing in Chicago.


The Professional Championship Bullriders Tour World Tour Finale VI  is coming to the Sears Centre, and offers fans a great opportunity to see incredible competition.

Bullriding is the most exciting ten seconds in the sports world, and fans in Chicago will be able to see it live! On Feb. 3 and 4 at the Sears Centre, the PCB Tour will have some of the best bullriders in the world competing.

Cody Monroe and Jason Tinsman are battling for the top spot in the standings, while Chris Ganell and Luke McCoag are right on their heals.

Country music stars Montgomery Gentry will perform following the competition on Friday night.

Tickets to the event are $17, $22, $37 and $52 (and increase by $2 at each level on the day of the event). To purchase tickets to either date, click here.

For more information about the Professional Championship Bullriders Tour, click here. For more information about Montgomery Gentry, click here.

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