Nerd Alert: Chicago GLBT Trivia Nights

Trivia seems to be the hot thing these days. Pretty much any night of the week, one can find a bar or pub that rewards the regurgitation of useless knowledge. Go to a sports bar and you’re sure to be asked about the last Bears game or what Big Ten schools will be in what BCS bowls. Visit a gay bar and get ready to write about musical theatre, Madonna, or Melissa Etheridge. And scene…

Every 8pm on Tuesday nights at Mary’s Rec Room (5400 N. Clark St.) brings Pop Quiz Trivia hosted by the one and only Keven Pipkens (his alter-ego, Teri Yaki hosts a trivia night at Halsted’s every Monday night at 7:30pm). This trivia night is particularly good as it has a good variety of questions: pop culture, history, science, and the obligatory sports question. Afterall, Mary’s Rec Room is technically a sports bar. His rules are simple, don’t use your iPhone, Blackberry, etc. He wants to know how smart you are, not how smart your phone is. He has one other rule, but that one shall remain known only to those who attend. So get your thinking cap and compete for gift certificates and other swag.

Crew Bar and Grill (4804 N. Broadway Ave.) sets the stage for Sister Mary Monistat’s Pub Stumpers trivia night on Mondays. Class starts promptly at 8pm and don’t question Sister, she’s always right (even if she actually isn’t.) I’ve found this trivia night to be a bit more challenging. It features a 10 song music round that covers everything from modern top 40 chart toppers to do-wop from the 1940s. It’s also helpful to know European history circa 19th century. Up to 4 people can be on a team, and 1st prize is a $50 gift certificate to Crew.

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