Three Must-See Chicago Theater Shows

"Follies" is now playing at Chicago Shakespeare Theater through November 13

Heading into Chicago in the news few weeks? Make sure you catch any or all of these must-see shows before they fly on out of here.

Clybourne Park
Ends November 13
Steppenwolf Theatre

While I’ve yet to catch this compelling new play about race and real-estate inspired by Raisin in the Sun, it’s been the one show people have consistently been raving about. Even people who rarely attend theatre have been coming to me to tell me about this “amazing play they’ve recently seen.” I’m making plans to see it before the run ends on November 13, and you should, too. Tickets here >

Ends November 13
Chicago Shakespeare Theatre

Something magical’s happening on Navy Pier, and it’s not the weekly fireworks spectacle, though there are enough explosive moments to drive any fan of honest-to-God good musical theatre to near hysterics. It’s director Gary Griffin’s astounding production of Follies, packed with so many showstopping moments, it should be against the law. Brilliant acting, an amazing cast and inspired direction make this production every bit as good as the flashy, $7 million production currently playing on Broadway. Tickets here >

Mary Poppins
Ends November 6
Cadillac Palace Theatre

Who doesn’t love the story of Mary Poppins — the firm-but-kind nanny with a spit-spot view on life? This musical version expands on the beloved Disney film in both story and score, with the relationship between the Banks children and their parents much more satisfyingly drawn out. I caught this magical tour a few years ago, and from what I’ve read, the cast in this production is just as strong. Plus Mary flies over the audience at the end, and who doesn’t love that? Tickets here >

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