Boo! Halloween-happy Theater Offerings in Chicago

A scene from "Musical of the Living Dead" playing at the Charnel House through October 31

As Halloween creeps upon us, there are many kooky, dark, macabre and spine-chilling theatrical offerings occurring in Chicago. Whether it’s blood splatter or dark laughter you’re after, there’s something to whet your appetite. Check out this eclectic rundown, with descriptions pulled from press materials.

October 14-29
Brikenbrak Theatre Project at The Think Tank
1770 W. Berteau Ave. Suite 207
“On day one of the end of the world, a group of survivors gather together to try to survive the night. Battling an apocalypse outside the door and a growing hell inside the walls, you are right there with them, new survivors in an impossible situation. Holding only 10 audience members each night, this is an intimate Halloween experience unlike any other.”
More info here >

Audience Annihilated Part One: Women Only Train
October 20-31, 2011
Dream Theatre
556 W. 18th St Chicago
“Dream Theatre Company presents the most unexpected horror experience you will ever witness. Only 1 to 4 audience members will be permitted to enter this terrifying performance where you play the lead role yourself.”
More info here>

The Count of Monte Cristo
Through October 30, 2011
Lifeline Theatre
6912 North Glenwood Chicago
“Framed by a conspiracy of three terrible enemies, Edmond Dantès is torn from the woman he loves and wrongly imprisoned for fourteen years. After escaping captivity, he enters the upper reaches of Parisian society under a new name: the Count of Monte Cristo. With the aid of Albert de Morcerf, son of his former fiancée, the Count insinuates himself into the lives of his three tormentors and, one by one, seeks to use their own secrets to destroy them. A dark tale of intrigue and vengeance, in a world premiere adaptation. Based on the 1844 classic by French novelist Alexandre Dumas (The Three Musketeers, The Man in the Iron Mask).”
More info here >

Death Toll: A Drinking Game Performance
October 14-31
4210 N Lincoln Ave Chicago
“Halloween is a party and so why not go with the gruesome flow. We present an hour of comedy/horror sketch and improv. You drink each time someone dies. Party!”
More info here >

The Elephant Man
October 21 – November 13, 2011
St. Bonaventure Church
1625 W. Diversey Chicago
“Set against the backdrop of Victorian England’s Whitechapel, the seedy London district made famous by Jack the Ripper, The Elephant Man tells the tale of Joseph Merrick, a side show attraction who transforms from object of disgust to society darling under the care of celebrated physician Frederick Treves. In this compelling drama, SSP sheds light on what it means to express our humanity.”
More info here >

Musical of the Living Dead
October 13 – November 12, 2011
Charnel House Chicago
3421 W. Fullerton Ave Chicago
“Featuring all original music inspired by everything from Gershwin to Green Day, Musical of the Living Dead follows the lives of ten very different people trapped in a farmhouse during the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse – all brought together seeking refuge from the brain-eating zombies.”
More info here >

Nightmares on Lincoln Ave 3: Calculated Ramblings of an Unsound MindThrough October 31, 2011
4210 N Lincoln Ave Chicago
“There’s a razor thin line between horror and comedy that cuts through to the core of our chilled funny bones. Walk that line with Corn Productions’ Nightmares on Lincoln Ave 3: Calculated Ramblings of an Unsound Mind as we present comedic sketches loosely based on alarming true stories from Chicago’s own haunted past.”
More info here >

Salem! The Musical
October 14 – November 25, 2011
Annoyance Theatre
4830 N. Broadway Chicago
“Salem! The Musical is a bewitching musical set in the Puritan town of Salem in 1692 – just when things were getting interesting. New to the neighborhood, bumbling businessman Reverend Parris and his daughter get wrapped up in the most musical witch-hunt in history.”
More info here >

Splatter Theater Annoyance Theatre
4830 N. Broadway Chicago
“A parody of Friday the 13th type movies, the characters in “Splatter Theater” include such archetypes as a nun, the school jock, the virgin, the class dick, and of course the bumbling old man. Laugh and watch them all die in different ways: Tongue pulled out, drill in the head, intestines being ripped out, slashed throat, and the list goes on. With freshly painted white walls on the stage before each performance, the audience will be horrified and delighted by the end, when the walls are covered in blood!”
More info here >

Supernatural Chicago
Open run: Fridays at 7:30
Excalibur Nightclub
632 N Dearborn St Chicago
“‘Is it real? Or isn’t it?,’ marvels the Chicago Tribune. So will you, when you experience this funny and slightly creepy one-man show by Neil Tobin, Necromancer that explores the true stories of Chicago’s paranormal past, and brings them to life for the audience through interactive demonstrations of psychic magic. It all takes place in the landmark (and reputedly haunted) Excalibur nightclub. Now in its fourth year of weekly performances.”
More info here >

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