Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, October 21-30, 2011, is one of those annual don’t miss Chicago kiddie events. It’s a chance to catch some of the best world cinema for young people. The featured movies are thought-provoking and guaranteed to open your child’s eyes to the world beyond his  or her local bubble.

Many of the movies are presented in English, but if your child is old enough to read confidently, I urge you to consider checking out one of the subtitled flicks. It’s a wonderful opportunity to expose your child to the joys of “reading” a movie in English while it’s presented in another new, interesting language. My son viewed his first ever world movie, in Swedish, with subtitles, at this festival – The Ten Lives of Titanic the Cat – at age 7, and he was enthralled. Consider making a date with even your smallest tots: the My First Movies series features a special line-up for the age 2 – 5 set. Parents, I also guarantee that you too will enjoy these movies: they will not have that same snooze-inducing, mind-numbing effect of many commercial US kids’ movies.

For theater information, schedules and more, visit the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival at or join the CICFF Children’s Facebook Group where kids have the opportunity to write reviews, discuss movies, win movie tickets, and collaborate on film-related activities with other kids their age.

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