Choo! Choo! Celebrate Amtrak with Your Little Train Lover

My little boy loves trains. One of his first words was “Train!” When he was a little tot, we couldn’t pass by train tracks without him wiggling excitedly in his carseat, hoping to spot a passing “Woo! Woo!” Now, at age 10, he no longer plays with his Thomas the Tank Engines, but he still adores taking train trips. His little sister, at age 2, is just starting to get into the train stage: she’s already got some mean track building skills!

Take your little train lover out for a day of Choo! Choo! packed fun at Chicago’s Union Station. On October 1 and 2, from 10am – 4pm, Amtrack will be celebrating its 40 years as America’s Railroad by rolling in a special train featuring displays of photos, uniforms, china, and memorabilia from America’s Railroad past while also offering a glimpse into the future. Your kids will also have fun at Chuggington Depot, a play area in the station for children ages 2-7, based on the animated children’s television show.

For more information, visit Amtrak’s 40th Anniversary website at

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