Labrabbit Optics: Covetable Eyewear with a Custom Fit

Labrabbit Optics (1104 N. Ashland Ave.) is, dare I say, the best independently-owned eyewear boutique in Chicago!

Nestled in the eccentric Ukrainian Village neighborhood, this shop is filled with 100s of unique eyewear, both new and vintage. You can expect to find vintage shades by the likes of Carlos Falchi, Fratelli Lozza, and the iconic brand Persol – all of which are sourced both domestically and internationally by owner Coyote DeGroot. Current era specs include creations by Andy Wolf, Shuron and SUPER (one of Labrabbit’s most popular brands).

Every color, design, and lens shape imaginable is available for your enjoyment.  So, don’t be afraid to try on eyewear you wouldn’t normally wear. Throw those eyewear rules (round face, square face, etc.) out the door because you’d be surprised as to which styles look great on you.  Also, be sure to check every display stand and drawer to avoid missing any hidden treasures. Yes, treasures.  Because much of Labrabbit’s stock is exclusive or one-of-a-kind.  From materials like leather and wood to colors like orange and magenta, the frames will have you in awe.  Add to that the affordable price range ($75 – $300) plus Coyote’s in-depth explanations about the quality and history of each piece, and you’ll be standing there wondering why you don’t already own a pair.

What makes Labrabbit special is Coyote’s attention to detail.  He is an eyewear tailor, ensuring each frame fits perfectly to the consumer’s face. This may require several adjustments since he is admittedly a perfectionist.

Coyote Degroot working his magic

Labrabbit is all about the beauty and aesthetics of eyewear fashion. So don’t expect to get your eye exams done here. However, you can bring in your prescription and have your custom-fitted glasses ready for pickup in no time.

Go ahead and check out the online shop to get an idea of what merchandise is in stock.  This, however, is no substitute for visiting in person since there are many more items available in store, and there’s no better experience than getting fitted by Coyote, the eyewear guru.

As its 1-yr store anniversary approaches, Labrabbit Optics is already making a name for itself throughout Chicago. Make sure you stop by before the world catches on!

Good luck deciding which pair to purchase.

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